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John Schwind sells regular 8mm film that is reperfed 16mm film. I don't know if he does the reperfing himself or if he has it done for him.
I thought the following was common knowledge among Regular-8 users. I'll pass it along again (quote from John):
Kodak no longer supplies TRI-X [regular-8]. I have to limit my TRI-X sales to 4 25ft
spools because of low supplies. I was caught by surprise and Kodak is
not allowing any further sales of this product. I have been trying to
get one last large order but Kodak no longer is customer friendly. I
would appreciate your calling Kodak and letting them know that use R8
and R8 tri-X and you believe they should allow one more large order, The
number is 800 621 3456. You will get the order desk. Ask to speak with
the planner for this product. Let them know in a polite way you are very
upset. Remember the person you speak to has no power to make a decision
but may relay the info to someone who can. Let me know what happens.