Hello, APUG'ers. I'm originally from Memphis but now live just outside of Nashville. I started developing my own film and printing as a teenager when my father gave me his old Durst enlarger (RS35 I think?). I have recently taken my LPL out of the closet and squeezed it into my tiny bathroom after about a 5 year hiatus. At one point I was a photography major. The first class I aced and people seemed to be genuinely excited about my work. The second class, with a different instructor, didn't go so well and I wound up telling them exactly where they could stick their photography program (I'm usually a nice guy! Honest!).

Anyways, I mainly shoot 35mm with my Minolta AF and my trusty SRT-101. I've lurked this forum for a while and I figured I might as well jump in since the water looks warm. Right now I'm cash strapped trying to gear back up but I plan on becoming a paying subscriber when funds allow but that'll have to wait until I have more than three sheets of expired 8x10 paper in my bathr...uhmm...darkroom.