That's a bit of a tall order! I'll respond as I've done to at least two similar threads in the past (and indeed as someone has already done here). Check out the Olympus 35RC. Manual focus. Manual ISO setting. Good metering. Works even if the batteries die. Excellent lens. It's not a zoom, though.

On a slightly different off-topic note, beware of some P & S cameras, as they are starting to show their age. Neither of my two Konica Zoom 70Ws will turn on any more, the Pentax Espio (metal clam shell version) leaks light around the extending lens sections, the Yashica wouldn't turn on and the Olympus mjuII would be wonderful if it didn't leak light in the back where the seal goes around the viewfinder. I'm tending to think that all of this generation and market level of P & S cameras, some of which weren't cheap when sold, are now pretty much at their sell-by date. Something older, albeit with fewer features, is more likely to be working or at least repairable (e.g. the 35RC, Rollei, etc.)

Two weeks ago I went to a motoring event where photography isn't the main reason for going but I've previously gone with a P & S that has a 28mm wide zoom (the Konica, Pentax or Yashica have/had this). With those all dud, I opted for the Pentax MV with the 28mm M series wide. Though not as small or as light as a P & S, it served my needs very well.