Hello Alessandro,

the pictures are actually from two of the German Agfa plants: The film and manufacturing plant in Leverkusen, and the converting (cutting, packaging) plant in Windhagen.

In Leverkusen two big coating machines were running: The "K" machine for film, and the "L" for paper.
AFAIK the maximum yearly capacity of the "K" machine was about 900 million 35mm films.
The highest film sales numbers were about 3 billion photo films sold worldwide in 1999 and 2000 (the whole global photo market, all manufacturers).
AFAIK Agfa's worldwide market share with their own Agfa brand has been in the 10-15% range at that time. But they've been the biggest player in production of house brand films for other companies (for drugstore chains etc.).

One of the two Leverkusen coating machines (and the emulsioning machinery) is now running at InovisCoat in Monheim www.inoviscoat.de (it has been modernised and downscaled). The other one is disassembled and stored by another company (I've seen it there).

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