Steve- you may have had some awareness of this from having been here in DC and seen the movie, but by and large movies that take place in DC are often not shot in DC and at best have a distorted sense of DC geography, if not are outright fabrications. Sometimes Baltimore is used for a stand-in, but I was recently watching an episode of the 2005 tv series "Prison Break" and they had a scene where the street names were correct (although 11th Street NW does NOT in fact intersect with Constitution Avenue) but there are no commercial office buildings at that location, in fact at the purported address, there's a federal agency and one of the Smithsonian museums. The actual scene was shot in Chicago, where the rest of the series takes place, and the producers forgot to change the phone number on the payphone, which still had a Chicago area code on it (Chicago is 312 - Washington DC is 202). More recently, in State Of Play with Russell Crowe, they used the front of a federal agency which has these bizarre alien-spaceship sculptures-cum-lighting fixtures out front as a substitute for the main city hospital. Otherwise they were relatively faithful to city geography. But it brings to mind the line from Austin Powers, "You know what's remarkable? Is how much England looks in no way like Southern California".