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I'm looking a nice 16x20 4 bladed easel I have a Saunders 11x14 I like. I'm not familar with any other brands but would like something of that caliber.

Hi Chris,

Looking forward to your visit. Just a personal preference, but I would encourage you to look for a 20x24 Saunders easel instead of a 16x20. I think you will find that size more available than the 16x20. The school where I am taking photo courses has both 11x14 and 20x24 Saunders. As soon as you think 16x20 is great and doable, you want to make the next size larger, 20x24. I often see 20x24 for sale, but rarely 16x20.

Look for one with the all yellow background. Mine is all black, a little ancient and a little loose. I have always heard that Saunders was the best.