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To clarify things a bit ... about half the LF shots I did take on my honeymoon were of my wife, or
landscape in context with key memories. Some of those shots mean quite a bit to both of us now, and are truly worth framing. I really pity all these young couples nowadays who hire some bozo with a DLSR at best, so they can get the shots on the web for their friends and family ASAP, but sacrifice both quality and image permanence in the process. But lots of pictures of just whatever would be a bad foot to get off on.

I realize this is only one person's experience, but a good friend of mine hired their wedding photographer based on how much they liked the results. There were two photographers, each with two DSLRs. They shot 3,600 pictures of the wedding, and then they took three months to edit it all to get it ready for web upload. Let's not forget about the book and the prints. Those took even longer.
I was there with a Mamiya 645 and a 150mm lens, shot three rolls of Delta 3200, and had a print of the main part of the ceremony ready for them the next day, a nice 11x14 in a 16x20 mat. Which of all the prints they got from their wedding do you think they display in their home? That's right, the amateur film shooter got display rights...
I think digital can be a formidable tool, if used right.

But back on topic. I hope that OP has a wonderful trip, relaxing and adventurous, a lasting memory as a start to their new lifestyle. Photography can be very important, and I do agree with Drew that a few memorable, well made photographs can be of tremendous value later on in life; that's a very good point. But please focus on your wife, make it HER best time of her life as well. She will be thankful to you.