I personally like Ilford MGIV (not warmtone), because it can do so many things.
1. You can get an almost neutral black and white, with very little color tint.
2. You can neutralize the tiny wee bit of green/warm tint with selenium easily.
3. You can make it incredibly warm using thiourea / thiocarbamide / sulphide toners, from a vague warmth to a full blown sepia tone. Anything is possible. Yellow to maroon.
4. You can subsequently tone it in selenium to intensify the warm tone in the highlights, and warm up the shadows quite a bit.

It is super flexible, which it's why I chose it as my main paper a few years back now. Consistency from batch to batch is phenomenal. I can bring out three or four year old notes, and basically duplicate the print I made then by just following the instructions. That's remarkable consistency, and to my knowledge the only company that can manage that.

Your list:
Ilford WT - lovely paper, and I do use it for portraits because of its warmer appearance. I do not care for the greenish tint, but it tones nicely in almost any toner out there. Incredible paper. New version has a base that isn't nearly as warm as it used to be.
Galerie - amazing paper, but I do prefer variable contrast for the ability to dodge and burn at different contrast grades.
ADOX Fine Print Variotone - Isn't this rebadged Fotokemika Varycon?
ADOX 110 - The 'other' paper I would use if I wasn't hooked on Ilford MGIV.
Fomabrom Graded - no experience.
Fomabrom Variant VCFB - wonderful paper with beautiful contrast. A bit dull in the paper base compared to ADOX and Ilford, but with lovely tonality. Tones with real vigor.
Fomatone MG Classic - very warm base compared to Ilford Warmtone. Love the tonality, but the print color untoned is just too green for my taste. When I try to tone it I don't like how it tones either; it's much too reactive and gets overdone quickly.
Fomatone / Fomabrom 123 - A great compromise between regular Variant and MG Classic. That surface texture is really beautiful.

Hope that helps.