3600 shots? Isn't that kinda like throwing darts at a board blindfolded, and hoping a few of them hit
the right spot? Ha! My own wedding pictures were 50% done by myself, and 50% by my older pro
photog brother. The smallest camera we used was 6x7. Normally he did wedding photog with a 4x5
Linhof Technika. I prefer an 8x10. I have gotten a few wedding jobs - generally some collector insisting I do the printing myself. Never more than a dozen shots, and charged per print, just like the
fine art business in general. Nuthin' like a 14" dagor and an 8x10 neg. Got one of those on the living
room wall - a 16X20 of my wife snatch developed in glycin and triple toned. The thing glows, and not in the sense of a computer screen!