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The film shops I go to in China have all kinds of Holga's in stock and usually when I am there I can see several customers looking them over. I think that there must be a lot of people interested in these cameras in China.
I saw a bunch over there as well when I went a few weeks ago. They are pretty into lomo there, I also met a few film shooters too. All the cameras you see such as in a lomography store and the like are there, aswell as lots of the instax cams, and even this bigger sweeping panoramic model (kinda like a nooblex, not the spinner) was there though i forget the name.

I met a bunch of new friends and gave them film as gifts, things they have never seen (and admittedly don't have here in the stats much anymore) like plus-x in 120, tmax p3200, ektar 25, agfa pan 250. They went bonkers for that stuff lol.