OK, everybody. It's been too long without posting, but I'm in Grand Forks, ND tonight and I have wi-fi. The cold rain that has descended upon the upper mid-west in the last few days has put a damper on both camping and getting out with the 4x5 (I know, what a wimp!) but I'm shooting 120 and 35 every day- or trying to at any rate. Leaf color on the UP changed overnight early this week... but I'm shooting B&W, of course.

A shout out to Rochester, NY and PE! Ron met me at the George Eastman House, insisted on buying lunch and kept my friend and I entertained and happy for hours. It was an incredibly educational and entertaining afternoon, and while I have to say that my own understanding of the actual mechanics and chemistry of film is still severely limited, his seems limitless. He is a true gentleman and scholar.

I won't post any images here because of the fact that any I have right now are iPhone pics. I am writing a blog at whiteymorange.wordpress.com however and if you have any interest in my travel-centered drivel, check it out.