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This comment seems to suggest that it's silly to think that there's anything wrong with light passing through the felt. Does that mean I need not worry? That my film shouldn't be affected, fogged?

I don't see light passing through unless I directly shine one, and then only at an exact angle.

I appreciate your observation about the film passing through. Very clever.

And that new ones are available for just $25, I clearly apprehend. Thanks for that info, Roger but I have a new Watson loader available, which I'll use before I will buy a new one. I just prefer the Lloyd, and since I have one ...

I think you need not worry. Folks have been using these things for years, light passing through the felt fogging the film isn't a problem I've ever encountered. Just the usual caveat about loading in subdued, not direct, light. Average room light should be just fine, as long as you're not sitting directly under a 100w lamp.

The only complaint of the Lloyd Lloaders that I've ever heard was of grit getting in the felt and scratching your film. If you keep it clean there shouldn't be a problem. (Why do I suddenly get the feeling I'm addressing a Jr High health class?)