I think the Kentmere Fineprint VC paper is still available. I've used this paper in the past and like it because it seems to get a bit contrastier at the highest filtration than the Adox MCC 110. It has a neutral image tone on a white paper base. Toning characteristics depend on the filtration. Prints made at low to medium contrast tone well but not to fast in selenium. Prints made at higher contrast settings tone progressively more quickly. At the highest contrast, the paper tones quite rapidly even in a rather weak solution of selenium toner. I'll be using more of this now that graded papers I like are gone.

I'm still trying to find a source for Slavich graded papers, which I liked quite a bit when Freestyle was importing. I am mourning the demise of Emaks... (as will as the old Seagull G) and biting the bullet and buying Ilford Gallerie and slowly switching to VC papers.