Hello all from a small but very beautifull country of Slovenia (in Europe)!

I am new to APUG but it seems this will be the right place for me to hang out in the future My name is Tibor and I am a 100% analog hobby photographer. I have sold all my digital gear (Canon) after getting my first medium format camera (Mamiya 645AFD) and receiving the first roll of 120 film from my lab (it was a Fuji 400H) which was absolutely beautifull, breathtaking and simply wow for me. Since then I fell in love with the 6 x 4,5 format and have aquired 2 more Mamiyas, several Mamiya lenses and a Fuji GA645 which was with me all the time on our family summer vacation providing me with beautifull family memoirs from Zakynthos island.

I have now a separate mini freezer with Fujis, Kodaks and Ilfords and am still trying out different emulsions and finding "my style". I have also put up a small hobbyist studio in our spare room, so I can shoot portraits with my studio strobes. Since I am 100% analog I use Fuji instants in a Polaroid land back for my lighting proofs. When first pulling one of the instants I fell in love with the instant chemical development and have a camera dedicated to instant film in my future buying plans (thinking of RZ67 or a 4x5 view camera, not quite sure yet).

My main future interests in medium format film photography are:
1. learn to shoot with the Mamiya Auto Bellows N (which I have), i.e. learning the view camera movements
2. pinhole photography
3. learn to develop BW 120 film by myself (now my lab does this)
4. learn to scan 120 film (now my lab does this)
5. adding a 4x5 or 8x10 view camera for instant (Fuji or Impossible Project) studio portraits with strobes

To conclude my introduction, below is one of my studio portraits done with a Mamiya 645AFD II and a Mamiya Sekor C 80mm f/1.9 N lens on Ilford Delta 100 film. Shot at 1/125s and f/1.9. Lighting wise: one beauty dish with grid (on her) and one reflector with 5 degree grid (on the background) was used, adding negative fill (black flags) to both sides (of her).