I was talking about Manual mode, not Manual lenses!

in case of an AF lens, between the Command dial and some shift dial.
There is no shift dial or button on the F90. It doesn't need.

and I see f/stop and speed in the viewfinder (so I don't have to look at at dial on the lens)
The same on the F90 with AF lenses.

For me, it is far easier to use the diaphragm ring on the lenses with one hand an adjust the speed with a dial. My index finger doesn't have to go to the front Sub-Command Dial, as in the F80. It remains over the shutter ready to operate it.
See the manual for the F90X here: http://www.butkus.org/chinon/nikon/n...on_f90x_af.htm
The F90X is also a semi-professional camera with shutter speeds going to 1/8000th and, more importantly to me, the flash syncs up to 1/250th, instead of the 1/125th on a F80.
But, this is nick-picking! You use whatever you feel more comfortable with! I used for many years a Canon EOS 1N and was never happy with the 2 command dials arrangement. It was a nice thing to change to an older Nikon AF system 8 years ago!
Have fun and enjoy your decisive moments!