Ok Pierods, now I'm confused too.

The N90s would be no slower, it simply requires auto focus lenses that have an aperture ring if you want to shoot with manual exposure settings.

With the N90s and non"G" auto focus lenses you could:

1 compose
2 focus with a half push of the shutter button using the right index finger
3 set aperture with your left hand that is already there supporting the lens
4 set time with your right thumb using the wheel

There is no extra step, nothing to slow you down.

The real advantage of cameras with two finger wheels is that you can use "G" lenses if you want.

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Hello Ricardo,

actually I do not have any manual lenses, by choice.

For the kind of photos that I make, I would rather have instant control of speed, aperture and focus than having to move my hand back and forth between focus ring and aperture ring, or, in case of an AF lens, between the Command dial and some shift dial. Also, with non-manual lenses, I can see in the viewfinder at any instant f stop and speed.

My workflow when taking a photo is the following:

1 compose
2 focus
3 set aperture
4 set speed.

Since I don't have to shift my fingers between focus ring and aperture ring, or command dial and shift, and I see f/stop and speed in the viewfinder (so I don't have to look at at dial on the lens) the 1-2-3-4 routine, on an F80, is a sub-second maneuver.

Since it's so fast, I can either

- shoot real fast
- go through different creative options (creative blur, creative DOF, zones and so forth) and thereby repeat the 1-2-3-4 routine in seconds.

So for example, for me, a Leica/Ikon/Bessa are not useful. I would be slower, and my decisive moments would be long gone.

Of course all depends on the kind of photos you do. For landscascapes, this is meaningless. For people photography, it makes plenty of sense.

But, then again, if one does not need the speed, why not getting a Nikon FM2, so cheap, and indestructible? An FE ? I think an FE can be had for 20 euros on ebay...