I have acquired some CPAC chemicals from a local source and I'd like to use them for C-41 and RA-4 processing. The processor is Jobo CPP2 with lift. The chemicals I have:

CN-41/TL-50 Film Developer Starter 55DE519
TL-50 Developer Replenisher Kit 55DE571
Trelux-23 Bleach Replenisher 55BL543
Trelux CN-41 Film Fixer Replenisher 55FX557
ColorPAC RA Processing Kits 35RA350
TriPhase RA Developer Replenisher
Universal RA Bleach-Fixer 30BF395
ColorPAC RA Bleach-Fixer
Some questions:
1. What is the difference between CN-41 and TL-50?
2. I think the bleach I have is for the Fuji film. I'll need the right type of bleach.
3. For RA-4, do I need to buy the developer starter? Or the replenisher will do it?
4. What is the shelf life of the developer pack in fully sealed container? Some said it is a year. That means I can't use the developer any more.
5. I need to buy the stabilizer for the film. Do I need the stabilizer for the prints? Or water rinse will just do it?