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Never had a light leak or scratch from the felt. The Lloyd wastes less film leader than the others and is stone simple. OTOH, the ones with frame counters are probably more accurate, especially if you load a number of frames other than what's listed on the table on the Lloyd.

I've not checked mine with a flashlight, and can't without removing the film since it has a partially loaded roll of Arista Premium 400 (aka Tri-X) in it now. But it hasn't been a problem.

When I got this Lloyd, it was loaded. The tape on the outside was marked "Tri-X, exp. 11-1963"

I loaded a couple cartridges from it and ran them through, exposing at 80 iso ... and they came out, believe it or not ... but there was a uniform pattern of fogging basically across the lower half of each roll. I'm thinking the bulk loader might have been the culprit. Might just have been old film. Hard to say.

For now, I have loaded my brand new Tri-X into the Watson for use, and I'm going to patch up the Lloyd sometime during the next few weeks. I'll try to post before and after photos that are useful to folks who stumble onto this thread in the future.

Cheers, everyone.