I've just bought what seems to be a working Zeiss Ikon Ikomat 520/2, it's loaded with Ilford FP4 and ready to go but I'm wondering if anyone can say how old it is?

I tried Camerapedia and while they have a Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 520/2 listed (with the same lens and shutter as mine) there's no mention of the Ikomat. I understand that Zeiss used the Ikomat brand for cheaper cameras but it seems odd that mine has the same fittings as the Ikonta 520/2. My camera looks identical to their photo apart from "Ikomat" where theirs says "Ikonta" and an all-black flip-up viewfinder rather than the black with chrome surround on theirs. Any thoughts?

I'd been after a nice old folder for a while, main requirement being that it use 120 film for obvious reasons. This popped up for 20 from a reputable seller, even included the original cable release! It's definitely a user rather than a display example as there are plenty of paint rubs on the metal bits of the casing, but the bellows seem light-tight, the shutter works, the lens is in good condition and everything turns as it should.