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Thanks to both of you for the replies..

My process is as follows:

3. Pre-soak ~39C for 1-3m depending on my impatience
2. Develop at ~39C for 3.5m
3. Rinse 4-5x tap water, 25-30C
3. Blix 6.5m (give or take) at room temperature (varying between 20C-25C during the Summer)
4. Wash 10m, tap water, 25-30C
5. Pflo 1m

Would anyone like to chime in on the stabilizer and bleach bypass questions?

Best regards and Thanks!
First of all develop at 38 degree C for 3 min 15 sec, not 39 degree C for 3 min 30 sec.
Skip the rinse in step 3. It is not a good practice to rinse between development and bleach.
Separate blix into bleach and fix. It is not good to blix C-41 films.
Instead of Pflo in step 5 use a stabilizer or Kodak C-41 Final Rinse. This is a critical step. Final Rinse is very cheap. Don't skip it or change it.