you won't get a colour head for your enlarger, but a colour head has dial in colour filters to correct the colour balance when making colour prints,if you want to get an idea what colour enlargers look like take a look on the firstcall website, they have plenty, and they are all very expensive, plus for colour printing you also need special papers, you need to work in almost total darkness, your c41 chemicalss are fine for film but you need different chemicals for colour printing, I reckon to set your self up for colour printing you won't get much change out of a couple of thousand pounds, unless you are VERY keen then for the odd film it is realy not worth the money, better to use your local mini lab, as far as Meopta goes, they no longer make darkroom equipment, and your opemus 3 is getting on a bit, very well made and does a great job for black and white, but never meant for colour, so if you have the money to spend in setting up for colour printing then look around the firstcall website, or try searching for second hand equipment,there is a lot around, and that is as much as I know about colour printing.