With help from Ian Grant , I have settled on a few scratch toners.

For the highlights I use sepia toner.

Bleach - potassium ferri and potassium Bromide... I bleach until I see some of the whites lighten.
Toner - Sodium sulfphide**yes the stinky stuff*** the highlights go warm brown

Gold Toner- this toner attacks the upper mid tones and if you pull soon enough without effecting the shadows one gets a lovely peach colour

Iron Blue Toner- I swore off this stuff as I could not make it work and Ian's name was cursed many times*** Ian I humbly apologize if your ears were hurting over the last few years.
Potassium Ferri
Ferric Ammonium Citrate
Oxalic Acid

What I found out is that I was not washing the prints post toning enough and trying to keep too much of the colour in the prints, always with poor results... now I wash immediately on a galvanized sheet of metal to get the bulk of the toner off and then wash in a vertical washer for 30 min, halfway I turn the prints..

What is left is wonderful tints of blue green on this matt paper..

Just to complicate things you must know that I solarize my prints with a two bath developer system. This adds complexity's to the final tone
so when I say the prints sing I really mean it . The addition of the Iron Blue and figuring out how to use it has opened some wonderful opportunities.
The MG4 just seems to suck up the toner, and gives a very soft texture final print that is aesthetically very pleasing.
So for some of my work it looks like quad tone and beyond.

This thread has reminded me of a thread I would like to be involved in... As a practicing printer I am very adapt at using light and paper, but if you ask me how all this works , I am not technically competent to give you the answer.. I believe there is many here who fall into my description.

Here is an Idea for some of us printers to get involved in. ... Lets ask Ian G,,, Lets ask Gerald K, lets ask Ron M....

for example ::: Ian -I understand that a developer is made up of four main components... what are the roles of these components and what chemicals do basically the same thing??
for example ::: Gerald- could you describe what PH has to do with the development process??
for example:: Ron- when light hits an emulsion what happens??

so Keith to answer your question I like the above toners, but cannot tell you how they work. Though I would love to learn more.

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What toners do you like to use with MGIV Matt FB Bob?