Ohio Farm Museum update. I went over this afternoon to confirm our welcome next weekend. We are most welcome. This is their fall pumpkin and mum selling season. This is a working farm. There were two trailers with large wooden wheels and hundreds of potted mums in various stages, budding, early bloom and full glorious bloom. They were spectacular. There were an additional two trailers of pumpkins in all sizes.

Where one of the gardens was, in the open space between the post office, school house and library and slaughter house on one side and general store and wagon repair shop on the other, there is now a handmade wooded foundation for a 20x40 barn. I didn’t measure, but I would guess the stringers are 8”x12” each. It looks very solid.

To add character to the setting he has brought out a four door way Amish buggy behind the pumpkins and a high wheeled two seated sports buggy near the post office. I believe they will have cider, cookies and pie. If I remember our thin Jeff S had to been dragged away for the pies and cider last year, only with the promise that there would be more the next day.

Charlie, if you are interested, Jim thought you could do quite a wet plate portrait business if you wanted to earn some traveling money. Jim Fry thought we would add character to the event photographing people and farm items. I remember Peter was approached last year by a lady who thought he and his Deardorff were part of the decoration. Be careful Peter, she might want to take you home with her.