Thanks again, PE. I just looked at the bottles of the C-41RA LORR replenisher that I have. It says the Part A bottle contains Potassium Carbonate, the Part B bottle contains Hydroxylamine Sulfate and the Part C contains CD4 and Sodium Bisulfite. Does this mean I need 5 gram/l to add to the solution after mixing 5 grams of CD4 into it? The Part B bottle has Sulfate in it. I don't have a PH meter. I don't think I am capable of adjusting PH. I believe these bottles contains more chemicals not shown on the labels.

The developer without adding Sulfate somehow had worked very well for me. What would happen if I continue to use it as is? You said it may be hard to see the difference but what is the difference? I think getting bulk CD4 is already a challenge. I may just consume all the CD4 I have then forget about the remaining stock pile of the developer with bad Part C.