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Could you please humor me and explain to me why it's not good practice to rinse between developer and bleach? (especially if the rinse temperature is near developer and blix temperatures)?
The film will continue to develop during the rinse. Unless you use a stop bath but then it will affect the PH of the bleach that can be a hassle for rusing the bleach.

There have been a number of posts by PE in the past explaining why Blix is not ideal for C-41 process. I have also seem reports of problems using Blix in C-41 process. For some reason Tetenal C-41 kit continues to use Blix. C-41 is a proprietary process shared by Kodak and Fuji. There are reasons why it uses a bleach followed by fix. For optimal results I will use only Kodak or Fuji C-41 chemicals and follow the standard procedures to develop at 38 degree C for 3 min 15 seconds. I will bleach and fix then followed by final rinse with a Kodak final rinse chemical.