A gallery shot "From my first roll of home processed C-41" by paladin1420 inspired me to catch today's flyover of the Endeavor when everybody called me to tell me it was happening. Got my boss and co-worker to OK the time off and gathered up the gear...

San Bruno Mountain

News radio station was giving updated information on the sightings and I was just about at the top when it started coming towards the mountain. Had about 20 seconds to setup, which wasn't enough. I fired off one shot, cycled the Grafmatic and fired a second shot. Forgot to cycle the Grafmatic again and wanted to check the focus. Accidentally pulled the film holder out while the neg was exposed. In my panic I cycled the Grafmatic while it's out in the open. I'm sure this fogged all the film, maybe it ruined all the shots I don't know yet.

But the funniest thing happened while I was setting up for the second flyover... The Pentax Spotmeter V needle was flying all over the place. Never been anything but rock solid at locking on a value. Here in bright daylight I was getting readings of 3, 6 sometimes a sensible 9, 11. I think the radio towers were sending out such strong EMF that it was interfering with my light meter readings.

On the way down I heard a clunk but checked the backseat and didn't see anything so kept driving until I got nearly home. Then I realized while talking with my wife that I had lost the Spot Satellite messenger unit. I'd put it on the roof to signal my location for fun. Like a cup of coffee. Instead of picking up sandwiches from Columbo's, I went back up to the mountain to look for the big orange cell-phone looking gadget. Lucky enough it was right there in the place where it made sense it would be. And the bright orange makes it stand out. You know if you are going to lose something... It's kind of nice to lose something that is sending out GPS coordinates of exactly where it is. The coordinates above are where it was waiting for me to pick it up.