As a retired insurance guy, here is my opinion. Buy a personal or commercial inland marine policy to cover specific pieces of equipment. These can also occur as a floter policy and even as endorsements on some homeowners policies. Your insurance agent will know. Generally you will be buying a policy to replace with like kind and quality, which will look much like used equipment prices. Hmm, you equipment is already used, right? New isn't available. It should be very easy to determine what your gear is worth. It has relatively little to do with what you paid for it and more to do with what a piece of gear in similar condition would sell for in the open market. Generally with an inland marine policy you are getting "all risk" coverage world wide. As an endorsement or extention of coverage on your homeowners policy you are getting coveraeg against specific perils of loss, subject to the conditions on you policy. You can read that last part as less comprehensive coverage. My advice, figure out a realistic price for your gear, go atlk to your insurance agent and get you stuff insured. Cost? You might expect a premium of around $15-$20/$1000/year. That would probably be a good ball part number. There will probably be a minimum premium and if you don't have any other insurance with the company, thay probably won't want to sell you this policy. For your values a good starting point might be recently completed sales on ebay. The insurance guy isn't going to try to do you wrong you and he will expect the same from you. Get realistic values and have a conversation with an agent about insuring it. Bill Barber