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i had a novel if a bit annoying experience recently in Cornwall. I had set my shot of a rock stack near the Cheesering, which a family were walking around/ on at the time, so I took a few light readings, tinkered a bit with filters etc and waited for them to go - not impatiently or anything, the countryside is there for all of us to enjoy .....
After about 15 minutes, I heard the father saying (in his best southeastern accent) "'ere, Kylie (to his wife), that bloke's tryin' a get a picture ov this, lets 'ang about to get in the way". I waited a while longer (20 mins or so), doing my best not to show any annoyance as clouds were scudding across the sky towards the sun and threatening to ruin the light. The whole family then walked directly at me, very s-l-o-w-l-y so as to stay in shot and, as they got to about 4 foot infront of the camera (more than close enough to read the ROLLEIFLEX written on the top of my sl66), Mr Chav said "That's a Hasselblad, that is - they're worth about 20k. Wouldnt take much to grab it and run would it" I stared, held eye contact and they were gone ... I was left a little bemused, but managed to get my shot.
:o Some people are incredible!

Dunno why I'm surprised, though. Leon, if you remember the darker of the two waterfall shots I took to Keswick (Thornton Force) I had to wait about twenty minutes for that one as some enterprising individuals clambered up across it and stood there waving at me! Go figure...

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The question that I am always getting asked when walking about with my "fancy" cameras is: "Are you from the [local newspaper]?"
Yup, had that one a few times!

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No matter what I'm using, the usual question is "Is that digital?"
Yup, had that one. One bloke was so disgusted at being told, "No" that he turned away very quickly, nearly sending my non-digital F80 down a fifity-foot drop into a river! (And I wasn't even in Cornwall at the time!)

No one has yet mistaken it for a 'blad though; I must be too scruffy!