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Yep, been thinking of that very lens. Really, all I want is a wide to fill the gap between my 35/2 and the 20mm UD I couldn't pass up because it was such a good deal. For what they cost, I can get the 24 and 28mm f:2.8 lenses. I'd also like to get the 85, the 105 is just a bit long for walking around streets and so on. The 20mm UD is a special purpose lens, I find I really have to work at it to use it well, it's so comprehensive.
The 85/1.8 shown on my F2AS below cost only $130 shipped through evilBay. It did need to have its filter ring straightened a little, and has some engraving on it, but glass is nice, focusing is very smooth, and diaphragm works nicely. If you can find the H version with a factory AI ring (or even one that's been milled), go for it.