Inland Marine is an insurance term which has nothing really to do with a boat, a lake, etc. I'm a retired State Farm agent. Laws and regulations vary from state to state. You will probably want the most comprehensive coverage available . . . which would be offered by an inland marine policy in which you have scheduled specific pieces of equipment. Typically when you just endorse to your homeowners, the deductibles will be pretty high and coverage will be more limited. If you drop your camera and break it it would probably be covered on the inland marine policy. As an endorsement on your homeowners the loss would probably not be covered. The difference between the two approaches is the inland marine doesn't have what I might call a "dummy exclusion." So if you do something stupid like sending it through the washing machine or run over it with your car, it is probably still covered, as long as you actions were not intentinal . . . you know like throwing a camera against the wall because you didn't like an image.