The Lumedyne LU004M is a 800 watt second flashhead, equipped with a switchable (on/off) modeling lamp, which makes focusing easier in dim light. This product is the choice of wedding, location and fashion photographers. This model LU004M has a 5 foot power cord, fixed to the flash head body and terminated by the power pack connector.

The electronics inside the head can handle up to 2400 w/s tubes, which you can easily interchange.

Included are two snap-on diffusers, one light (about 1-stop), and one heavy (about 2-stops), and a heavy-duty HC-PC coiled cord.

These heads alone are listed by Lumedyne for $400.
Dimensions: 2.9"L x 2.8"D (7.4 x 7.1cm).
Weight: 1.1 lbs. (0.5k).
Angle of Coverage: Normal Coverage @ 10 feet = 60 Degrees.
Wide Coverage @ 10 feet = 80 degrees.
Guide Number: Reflector in "Normal" position 135GN @ 200 watt seconds.
Reflector in "Wide" position 110GN @ 200 watt seconds.
Sync Terminal: Household (twin blade) sync jack
Flash Ready Indicator: Flash Ready Light
Controls on Flash Head: Test Fire Button, Modeling Lamp On-Off-Flash Only
Mount 1/4-20

$100 + $10 shipping