This has been sitting in the drawer for quite a while now, so if anybody wants it…. It is a large 6+” inch diameter universal lens holder that has an adjustable iris that closes around the base of the lens and holds it locked in. The iris has a maximum opening of 4½” and closes to the smallest opening at 1¾” opening. Any lens in between those sizes will fit. One knob closes the blades of the iris around the base of the lens and the other knob locks the blades securely in place, holding the lens. LF photographers will appreciate the fact that they can carry one lens board for several large lenses.
Outside Diameter: 6 5/8”
Distance between screw holes: 5¼”sq.
Distance between knobs: 6¾”
Iris open: max 4½”; min 1¾”

Serial #: 28985

Obviously, you need a larger lens board to accommodate the whole mechanism. I had it mounted on the 8”sq lens board of a 8x10 Rembrandt. The largest lens I used it with was a APO-Nikkor 460mm.
It looks its age but it works fine; blades open and close smoothly, all 26 of them.

One just sold on eBay for $583. I’ll take $525.00 + postage (ships from Canada).
Please contact me if you have any questions.


Please have a close look at the photos.

Thank you.
Regards, Bogdan