Mwdake, would you care to perhaps give a link to a forum tread (If you've posted one) about the specifics of your problem?
I did not create a post about my issue. I would not do so anyhow unless I had a really bad experience.

Basically I bought a Fuji 645, when it arrived one of the spool release buttons was defective which required a paper clip to release. Not wanting to carry a paper clip with me to use the camera I sent it back for repair. Two weeks later it came back but exactly as it was before, no paperwork from the repair but customer service said it was repaired. I sent it back again for repair and just found out they have sent it out to one of their vendors and I should wait another two weeks.

So, 2 months and I have yet to use the camera for it intended purpose.
I really wanted a lightwieght compact medium format for travel.

To be honest KEH customer service have been very responsive and offered a refund all along.
So, if I were to do it over I would probably get the refund then find another camera without a problem to begin with.