I am selling a better than average condition Leica M3 with the fast Summarit 50/1.5 lens (a precursor to the Summilux). Cosmetically the only thing wrong with the camera is a scuff mark on the film advance lever. Mechanically everything works fine. It is one of the earlier double stroke (two winds of the lever are required to advance the film one frame) and has the teardrop style strap lugs consistent with a mid 50's version of this camera. The lens is in good, though not pristine condition. There is no fungus, but there are some faint cleaning marks on the front element. These do not seem to affect the photographs in any way, but I suspect that you would not want to shoot straight into the sun because of this condition. It is a solid well made camera that needs to be used.

I am asking $750 for the whole package. I will ship anywhere reasonable after payment is received. You will see comparable cameras selling on the bay for $500-700 for the body and $300-$500 for the lens. The hood alone is worth about $150. I just think it would be nice to sell it to someone as a package so they can actually use it like it was intended to be used.

Here are some pictures: