I own the FM3A and I love it. Sometimes its a bit too small (without the MD-12). It seems a bit too small and I can only relate it to my F2-AS.

Personally, for me, the F2-AS (or the plain F2 with DP-1 if you use an external meter) is the way to go. Find a really nice one built in 1979 that was not used by a professional photographer.

it has the right weight and feel and will last for ever if well maintained. Plus its all mechanical if you don't use the meter. The FM3A is only mechanical at two speeds.

Go to a good used camera store that also sells new and hold an FM3A and an F2 (or F3 as the previous poster mentioned).

If you were in NYC, you could use my cameras but you are in Australia.

I hope this helps and doesn't confuse you. Lastly, if you can't find an F2, you will be more than happy with an FM3A. The images I get with a brand new 24/2.8 Nikor lens are amazing with Tri-X.