My GW690-1 has the B setting on the shutter. It is serial number 9125147. I have no idea of its year of manufacture or such.

Its shutter was rep[laced by Fuji Canada about three years ago, based on a receipt from the previous owner. No mention if they 'upgraded' to a B setting shutter or not. I think I've read of other '1's with the B setting, not the T setting. If oyu like long exposures, an answer for the T issue is to use a lens cap as your shutter for ending an exposure.

If the shutter counter count seems high to you, just undo the three screws on the bottom, pull the bottom off, unscrew the counter, and spin it to whatever number you want! You can operate the shutter without the counter in place, even remove it for good or until you go to sell it. You'll find that the shutter clunk has nothing to do with the counter.