Thanks AeroDan - that makes sense. I will definitely try and source a new one.

Whilst I have some V35 experts here, can I please ask one more silly question? I know I'm pushing my luck ;-) I quite like a black border on my prints, and I get it using the standard holder but only if I don't use the levers to put pressure on the plate. I am assuming it's important to keep the film flat but with it activated I can't get borders all the way around. Were there other carriers available to show a larger amount of the neg? It's not a biggie - just thought I'd ask whilst I had you guys around. Thanks heaps.

For what it's worth, I am really happy with the V35. I also have a Durst M601 and the Metopta 5 - both which are nice, but the Leitz is so much more 'solid' and positive to use. I feel much more confident focusing, and the neg carrier is waaaay nicer.