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I hope I dont get stoned for saying this on APUG but honestly the best camera for a wedding is a dSLR *LOL* A wedding is a non repeatable event. When I take pictures I want to make sure I can preview the shots.

... The last thing I want to do is juggle the guests, and fiddle with the camera.

... But in a high pressure event like wedding photography, you just wanna concentrate on getting it done fast.
So how many of those non-repeatable moments do you miss while you're goofing around staring at the preview screen?

If you shoot film you don't have the tempation to doubt yourself and look back at the shots you've already taken. Trust yourself, shoot the moment, and don't be tempted to start reviewing your work while in the moment.

(Note: I'm not a wedding photographer, nor do I play one on TV, I'm just the assigned APUG official stone thrower on duty! )