Had a few, most aren't worth retelling. My favorite was getting called something very foul while shooting posed group shots of the wedding party (!) at a wedding I was being paid to photograph (the last wedding I ever did, by the way). I let that go because the offender was *clearly* drunk. Still don't do weddings, though.

One time, a woman passing by on the street accused me of being a peeping tom, in broad daylight, while taking a photograph of a flower, under a window, from a sidewalk. At that moment, I was shooting digital. I showed her the picture, made a snarky comment about paranoia blinding her eyes to the beauty of the world around her, and invited her to call the police if she wished to do so. I also handed her my business card. Then I went inside the house where this flower was planted - it was, in fact, the inn where I was staying with my wife. Practically put me off my breakfast, but the police did not arrive.