I would not call Thoms point of view a lie. I visited Photokina on Wednesday and concentrated on the analogue stuff. Believe me, it wasn't easy to find and most of the time, it was either absent or anything but easy to spot, with exception to the companies solely concentrating on film, of course. I cannot comment on the possibility to talk about films at the Fujifilm booth, but the only thing about film I could find was a poster which listed all films and their sizes available and the two 6x7 rangefinders Fujifilm offers. Considering the size of the Fujifilm booth, that was quite a disappointment.

Granted, at the Kodak booth, they had film. But I had to get past several printer stations which were placed like roadblocks, at least that was my impression. And at first, I only saw the amateur film at the wall. Only after looking around, I spotted Ektar, Portra and the b&w stuff on the counter. But I wouldn't call that display prominent.

On the positive side, I had several very positive experiences which made that visit the most valuable one for years. The Pentax guys in the medium format area were very kind and there was a lot to try out. DHW showcased the new Rollei hy6 and albeit I could only put my hands on it equipped with the digital back, they were very kind and informative. At the Plustek booth, a technician from Silverfast demonstrated the new Plustek OpticFilm 120 medium format scanner and I was very impresssed by the knowledge of that guy which covered not only this specific scanner in detail but other scanners as well and film in general.

When looking back, I should have taken the chance to demand more film stuff whenever I had the impression that the company puts it in second place.