Found the perfect droppers and syringes for all you high dilution R09 users.

From American Science & Surplus.

This is item number SDR00735199P0010. 2ml dropper that SEALS against the R09 bottle. Yep, you can throw the cap away. Just keep dropping marbles into the bottle to keep the level up and this little dropper will grab a little over 2ml with one squeeze. Best part? $2.50 for a pack of 10.


Filled with R09

Just in case the droppers didn't work out, I also ordered a pack of syringes. Item number SLU00441333P0010. 10ml, very positive feeling when pulling fluid (unlike my current one from the infant section of Wal-Mart), clearly marked. Pack of 10 for $2.95.

I don't know if these products are already well known to the APUG community, but I was pretty excited about them.