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Thanks for the reply...I always thought the gelatin bonded to Yupo too strongly, and it was only appropriate for tissue or final support.

Do you treat it in any way to get the image to transfer cleanly to your final support?

No, i never had any problems with yupo. When I first I started to use it I cleaned it with dish washing soap and rinsed it. Nowadays I only rinse it before use. The wet sheets are squeegeed to a large leveled plate of glass. Then I remove all water but try to keep the surface somewhat damp, not wet, before coating with a #200 rod. Smaller formats I coat either within a frame of magnetic strips or directly on the yupo whitout frame. Then I use a comb to spread. I hate to clean and dry the magnetic strips each time inbetween! That's why I coat whitout strips also, which is very time saving and my preferred method for small sizes now, I use sheets of Yupo about 2,5 cm/ 1 inch bigger on all sides and mark the area where I want to coat. With some practice I'm able to coat nice straight squares now. I coat 8 sheets in one batch, let them dry flat for some time, and hang them to dry verticaly.

I am also reusing the yupo sheets. That's why I use the 160 and 200gr sheets. First I used a thinner one that comes off somewhat easier in the warm water but is much more difficult to handle before that. For color prints I use the 200gr. Registration holes can be punched in directly.