Good day to you,

Does any of you develop darkroom (silver) photos size 4 or 5 feet by 6 or 7 feet??
If so, I would be happy to know, in which containers you do development, stopbath and fixing?

I have bought a couple of rolls of paper (one Ilford 300 Art, looking especially forward to that), and have the idea to find suitable PVC- or other tubes, diameter one to two feet and length 7 feet or so, and make bottom and lid. Like an overgrown Jobo tube that you roll on the flor while you whistle a little tune.

I would prefer to keep the smell inside a container rather than using the roling forth and back method in open halftube.

I guess handling this large surface is not practical when it has become soaked, so it will have to stay sticked to the tubes inner surface while changing to stopbath and fixer and first wash. Could this be a problem? Seemes to go well in Jobo drums for smaller formats. If I find nice and not too heavy tubes, I have the idea of an additional thin flexible but still stiff sheet the size of the photopaper, "glue" (with water) paper to sheet and then move it between three tubes, each still with only a few liters of liquid.

--- Or do you simply have the space for large brickbuild or whatever tanks? --- or maybe enormous flat sinks with covering lids??

Looking forward to learn of your experiences - regards from danish analog fan, hmm new user name maybe, Danealog