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Now lets see how do I cut the cost of heating, lighting, film, beer,...........
Heating - put the freezer in the garage, not the basement if you are not in a sub tropical climate. That keeps the a/c happier in the summer, and the electric bill for the freezer almost non existent in the winter.

Lighting - compact flouro's everywhere but the darkroom.

Have those of the house that use a hair drier on thier hair to wrap it in a towel when first out of the shower/bath, and then change to a new towel wrap after five minutes, and start to dry it 5 minutes after that. Hair is a lot drier, and thay neds less heat ala electricity to dry.

Film - buy it 100' at a time, if you are into 35mm. Otherwise use Freestyle/Silverprint house brands.

Beer, well no big solution. What if you rewarded yourself with one after the first keeper print of the night? And then if it was really not a keeper in the cold light of the morning, no beer again until a real keeper emerges? I think you would find yourself in the darkroom more often ,a dn looking critically when printing more often for sure.