I pretty much agree with this, I would be worried that the print would collapse upon itself.

I use very large trays specially built for my darkroom to make big prints.
You also can make large holding tanks 55 inches x 2ft x 1ft depth and scroll your prints by hand, you need to leave a border for handling , but we do this all the time with
fibre paper.. In our case 30 inch x 12ft pieces of paper with no issues , but I see no issue with 50 inch x 12 ft prints.

We do this for ganged up images that are printed on our lambda , then in a monster tray we cut down the individual images for post treatment.
There are other labs that use a roller transport for this purpose, but we prefer the hand prints.. We have been doing this since 2002,
I learned to scroll prints back in the 80's . Made some murals on the weekend on the new Art 300 paper and for sure this paper would collapse in a tube.

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You mean 4x5 feet, that would be about 120x150cm right. Metric system over here.
I problem with making a drum and put the paper inside is that when the paper gets wet and soaks up liquid it gets heavy and collapses into iself.
Besides the drums would be gigantic and you would need to build a new house for them.
I have made numerous prints ranging up to the size of about 140x280cm, being about 4,7x9 feet.
I developed them in long drays about 150x50x20cm large and rolled the print. There is also a rolling device made by Deville to develope such large pictures.