Just got back from a couple backpack trips with the 4x5. Five days (Mon. - Fri.) on a solo backpack trip in the redwoods -- about 20 exposures. Once I left the trailhead, I did not see anyone until I got back to the trailhead...nice! Then a quick week-end trip into the Trinity Alps with one of my boy's backpacking club -- took one shot.

In the redwoods, a bear walked into one scene I was photographing -- but he was only in the scene for perhaps 4 seconds out of the total of 45 seconds, so I doubt he'll show up.

Now to find time this week to develop the film. It will be interesting as I used some out-dated (1996) Tech Pan film. Exposed at ASA 16 so every exposure was long, with an hour being the longest. For exposures metering around a minute or more, I doubled or quadupled the time.