I used the 601 only for 35mm until I bought the V35. I then bought a Rolleicord Vb, and now use the 601 only for 6x6. The V35 is a superior design. It is very stable, even at big print sizes. With the 40mm lens you can produce large prints on the baseboard. The Durst is a bit more limited that way. I have looked at my copy of the book "Leica Darkroom Practice" by R. Speck and I see that the black border carrier is part 17011. I got a set of the film cradles(17425) from Mr Cad in Croydon, England. They attach to the neg carrier and make it easier to handle. They may already be fitted to yours. As far as I can see, the 13139 lamp you have is the latest model for the V35. The original was the 6604. It sounds as if your V35 has already been upgraded. If I am wrong about that, then perhaps another forum member can let us know. The book I mention can be found online. It doesn't tell you much new about printing, but it is a useful guide if you have a V35. Alex