Never been here - very nice, very inspirational. It's a pity that so many pictures have apparently vanished from the old thread, but still..

This is quite a "coming out" - I didn't know there were so many like me... I have also been "making" some cameras, though not as perfect as many of the ones shown here.

Here, for example, is my 6x14 panoramic camera, that uses up the entire image circle of the super angulon attached. Initially, I wanted this to be a 6x14 roll film back for a Plaubel 4x5 view camera (a Peco Junior), but then I went all the way to make a new camera, with two graflex 6x9 backs hacksawed to make one 6x14.

The helicoid to hold the Angulon is from an old Konica 1,7/50 and the grips were provided by my father in law, who knows how to treat wood...

The resulting pictures are quite nice, however, since I need to stop down a lot to make the vignetting go away, the camera does not quite fullfill the promise of being a handheld camera, at the necessary shutter speeds...

Hope you like it anyway.