OK, so I've had a chance to plan this out a bit.

I don't have a neg scanner or a flatbed scanner so I've decided to mount the digicam on the copy stand.
This will allow me to make copies of any images I wish to share. I hope to get at least a couple good shots to share.

Right now I have three film rangefinders, a 4x10 Shen-Hao and a Nikon F6... so I thought I was good to go. Then the shutter release button fell off one of the cameras so it went for service. Now the frame counter seems wrong on my M6 so I'm taking it for service tomorrow. This leaves me with a CL as my only rangefinder, and the F6.

I shot four rolls of film this weekend so I'm off to a good start. I'll get those souped this week, make contacts and try and get something printed.

I bought a case of paper developer, have gallons of fix already and four fresh packs of film developer. Plus 18 boxes of 4X10 film... so I should be good for a while.

I also have a cupboard full of paper I can use.

So I guess I'm good to start.