First let me say I shoot medium format and have never shot large format. I have a reason for my question here though.

A friend asked if he could send me a Crown Graphic and if I could evaluate it and maybe sell it on eBay. He knows nothing about any kind of cameras. I did determine when talking to him that it had a 120 back so I figured I could at least shoot a roll of film through it. I was psyched. I was even considering buying it myself if it was nice and learning large format.

It came UPS in the original case which was rusted. There were a lot or accessories. Two strobes. Battery pack. 120 back, polaroid film back. Even some old Kodak film from 1962.

I soon learned you must belong to a secret society to figure out how to use this camera. It took me only an hour to figure out there was a hidden button to open the front.

Now, comes the bad news. The smell of mildew was really strong. The bellows looked great. In fact the whole camera looked nice.

Then I couldn't cock the shutter. I searched for another secret button. Having dealt with older photo equipment before I understood that sometimes brute strength is the answer. It seemed very scary to do that with a shutter but it worked. The lens is full of fungus. The worst I've ever seen.

Is this even worth listing on eBay, disclosing everything of course? Would someone be able to fix it and use it?